Friday, 19 September 2014

White Duster Jacket

White Duster Jacket- Primark
Black top- Peacocks
Houndstooth trousers- Select
Black cleated sole boots- Primark
Fur Stole- Select
I have seen fur and longline jackets cropping up all over the fashion scene and I decided to combine what looks set to be the two key trends this autumn/winter.
Although, the weather is still fairly warm to say it's September which is why i decided to purchase this duster jacket in white. I think the sleek heavy fabric and stark white colour give it a sophisticated edge. If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I love a monochrome outfit and this is very much that. Houndstooth is another trend that I have seen being incorporated into pieces for this season and I love these trousers.
If you are looking for a good pair of boots this winter then I would say head over to Primark as they have a really good selection at the moment, these cleated sole boots were only £15.00 and I have already worn them loads.
Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to get my winter wardrobe in, but I just can't help but love layering textures and fabrics.
Are you preparing your wardrobe for the seasonal change?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Launching a Travel Blog

So for a while now me and my other half have toyed with the idea of starting a joint travel blog. We have been together now for nearly 6 years and have been to some amazing places and decided we would like to share our journeys with the blogging community.

Whilst I will always post lifestyle posts about our travels here on my main blog, the posts on the travel blog will be much more informative and less story-like.

If you are interested in travel and would like to have a look at some of the places we have been and learn about different countries, food, sights and more then click over to, However, if you are here for the baking, beauty and fashion then feel free to ignore this post.

I will still be posting regularly on this blog as it is my main venture, but we fancied doing something a bit different and if anything documenting our travels for our own personal use. Nobody may even read it but we will always have it.

Thank You!

Katy Perry 'Meow' Perfume | A Review

I've always been a perfume lover, in particular sweet smelling perfumes. Some of my favourites have been celebrity perfumes such as Britney Spears 'Curious' and BeyoncĂ© 'Heat'. So when I saw this 100ml Katy Perry Perfume for just £11.99 in Home Bargains, yes that's right 100ml for just £11.99, I couldn't leave it behind.

The scent of this perfume is a cross between fruity floral and vanilla. I love a hint of vanilla in my perfumes as I find it adds a more sexy touch to an otherwise girly scent. I have tried a few more mature scents but I don't find that I'm drawn to them as much as I am the sweeter scents, maybe I will be converted one day but for now hand me anything floral and fruity and I will love it.

The design of the bottle is a cat which fits the name of the perfume well 'meow',  although personally it is not my cup of tea and I tend to prefer more simple style to my perfume bottles. I think it fits well with the theme she was going for and it is definitely unique.

If you enjoy sweet scents, and like me tend to enjoy the celebrity perfumes then I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this one, it is definitely worth the price tag. It will last a long time too due to the longevity of the spray, I only need to apply a few spritz's in a morning and it lasts all day.

What do you look for in a perfume?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

White & Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies

So it was Friday evening, I was sat in my pjs watching back to back Tanya Burr Videos when I came across her cookie video. I thought to myself ''heck, I have all these ingredients, why not give it a go''. Out came the mixing bowl and ingredients.

You Will Need:

- 200g butter
-300g caster sugar
- 1 egg
- 325g self-raising flour
- white chocolate
- milk chocolate

What to do:

1. cream together the butter and sugar until well combined

2. crack in your egg and whisk into the mixture

3. add half the flour and whisk into mixture, then add the rest of the flour. Whisk until mixture is thickened

4. break in your chunks of milk and white chocolate

5. form small balls of the mixture and place onto a greased baking tray. Cook for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

There you have it, yummy chocolatey cookies in just 5 quick and easy steps. Grab a cold glass of milk and enjoy! Thank you Tanya for sharing your cookies with us.

The link to her video if you prefer being a bit more interactive.

These went down a storm in my house and there is just 2 left as I type this..not for long..

Let me know if you decide to make these !

Friday, 12 September 2014

A/W Wardrobe Update | Jacket Edition

So, it is now September. I'm not quite sure where this year has gone but we are entering the autumn/ winter season. It's my favourite season for fashion, I love layering, playing with textures and it's totally fine to wear all black, all of the time.

I have been on a little shopping spree recently in order to update my wardrobe for the upcoming season, and although this past week has been fairly warm I can see it turning cold soon enough.
I thought I would split this Wardrobe Update into 3 sections; jackets, knitwear and shoes, as I think these are the items that change the most in our wardrobes when the season changes.

So lets kick off with part 1, the jackets.

Duster Jacket- Primark
The duster jacket

Duster jackets are big this season, and why shouldn't they be. They are practical, chic and easy to wear. I picked up this white duster jacket from Primark at just £17.00 it is a steal and I have already worn it several times. I am planning to do a styling post for this jacket very soon, think houndstooth Mhmm.

Teddy Jacket- Primark

The Teddy Jacket

Now this jacket is definitely for the cooler days, and thus it has been sat in my wardrobe for the time being. I have seen these jackets popping up all over in various different colours; from baby blues and pinks to creamy nudes or black. My other half says I look a bit like a polar bear come rabbit, but I still love it and can't wait to wear it with some tan heeled boots and indigo jeans.

 Mac- H&M

The classic Mac

You can't go far wrong with a classic black mac for a sleek and sophisticated everyday look. I love the silver zip detailing on this coat, it adds a little edge to the classic style of the jacket. The belt around the waist creates a defined and feminine silhouette. This little gem was a little more expensive coming in at around £50, I say around as I actually bought this whilst I was in Amsterdam. The quality is excellent, it is made from a thick heavy crepe style material meaning that it doesn't crease and hangs beautifully when worn. I plan to wear this with leather trousers and Chelsea boots for a more dressed up look, or jeans and knee high flat boots for a more casual look.

 So there we have it, my top 3 picks for updating your Autumn/Winter wardrobe for 2014.

What will you be wearing this A/W?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Banana Cake

It's no secret that i love to bake, but since The Great British Bake Off has been on i couldn't wait to get out my mixing bowl and have a go myself.

I typically tend to stick to baking traditional sponge, but i decided to get a bit creative and have a go at banana cake. I must say it is a very moist thick cake, not what i'm used to but still very delicious.

You will need:

140g butter
140g caster sugar
2 eggs
140g Self-raising flour
2 mashed bananas
Icing sugar

What to do:

1. Cream the butter and sugar together, beat the eggs separately and then slowly pour into the mixture. Add a little flour with the eggs and then fold in the remainder.

2. Add in the mashed banana and mix until creamy.

3. Pop the cake into the oven at 180 degrees for around 30-40 minutes

4. Once cooked remove from the oven and allow to cool. When the cake is cooler mix 50g icing sugar with water to make a paste and then pour over the cake

5. If you fancy you can add some dried banana chips on top for decoration

6. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Let me know if you try this!